Teaching Series

Welcome to our newest series, “What Do You Want?”. This is a seemingly uncomfortable question for many of us. Yet, in John 1, Yeshua asks His disciples this exact question. This series will move through identity into observance. We pray you join with us as we explore who we are and how we are meant to fulfill our image-bearing potential.
Genesis, the opening book of the Bible, sets the stage for how we read the rest of the Bible and how our beliefs about God, ourselves, others, and the world around us is shaped. How we read the opening chapters is important. In this series, we will look at some alternative ways of reading Genesis and explore the impacts of thinking in different ways. 
The years in between the close of the Hebrew Bible and the beginning of Matthew have been referred to as “The Silent Years”, an approximately 400 year span where God was silent. This leads many to dismiss or misunderstand this critical time period. The events that occur during this part of Israel’s history will shape the climate into which Yeshua is born…the land, the people, the leadership, the religion.
As we continue to move from Genesis, through the “Silent Years”, and into the Gospels, we should have a somewhat, possibly very, different set of lenses through which to read and understand Yeshua’s words, deeds, and mission. In this series, we will look at some of the “go to” passages and rethink our interpretations and conclusions.
For many believers, the Mo’edim (Biblical Feasts/Appointed Times) are their first experience of the Torah. These seven God-ordained times of celebration, introspection, recollection, are the Father’s heartbeat in time. As we study the festivals, we learn more about the Father’s heart. Yeshua loved the feasts and kept them all, without fail. Let’s dive in and see how much we can learn about these special times. 
This is the playlist for all of our Torah Portion teachings from throughout the years. As we study through the portions (parshiyot) each year, the Scripture is opened in deeper and deeper ways. We invite you to study along with us.
This is the playlist for all of our miscellaneous Shabbat Fellowship teachings.