I love and know God as Abba, Father. This is my way of being most connected to Him and His love and reminds me of how specifically I am a child to the Kingdom.
Like many ladies, I didn’t always have a great role model of a father or even what it means to be a man and what kind of role they play in the lives of their wives and children. While my mom was my very best friend and the hardest working lady I’ve ever known, she couldn’t be the father every child needs.
This played an active role in my life growing up because without an example of the father that provides, disciplines, teaches boundaries, protects, leads – you are left with little girls that have a skewed understanding of what relationships should look like.
Beyond romantic relationships, this is true for family, friends, and coworker relationships. You lack boundaries that a father teaches and ultimately lack an understanding of how valuable you are.
I read recently a shared Facebook post about a church that started reaching out with kindness to local strip clubs. After giving their own personal testimony of building a relationship with the dancers and the dancers being able to truly confide in them and ask for prayers on the truly hard things they were experiencing, the writer shared this:
“A few years ago, I met with another pastor’s wife across the country who shared with me a similar ministry, although after months of developing relationships with the dancers, they asked the owners a crazy question.
They asked to hold a Bible study.
Just for the dancers.
Surprisingly, they were given a yes.
(Something about it building morale in the employees, but whatever. It was a yes!)
So, they started leading a Bible study in the club.
But, something was missing.
And those ministering knew it.
The women they were ministering to needed to be led by a man – not because these women were incapable, but because of the damaged, skewed image they had of men. They needed to see a man who was safe – they needed a man who knew Jesus.
This woman’s husband (who was a pastor) stepped up and took on the challenge. And, for months the dancers wouldn’t even look him in the eye.
But he kept showing up….
Soon, one by one, the women met Jesus through this pastor’s humble, gentle leadership.
There were prayer sessions.
Women were set free.
And many went on to lead, healthy restored lives.
All because this group of women and this pastor were unafraid to go where God was leading them.”
In today’s world, we are learning how important women really are as the necessary other. I’m so unbelievably grateful to the strong, empowered mother that gave us every bit of herself to take care of us, no matter what that meant for her.
I want to urge how important it is we don’t lose sight – or take offense – to walking alongside men and even feeling comfortable enough to follow the ones that exhibit Godly leadership.
When I was able to learn how precious of a daughter I am to Abba, Father, I was able to recognize how closely He had kept watch over me all my life. He was always leading the way, guiding me, and never allowing me to stray too far. When I was able to accept the Fatherly love I needed but had resisted out of distrust, I was able to experience a self-love in a more whole way and truly understand His calling on my life.
We don’t have to dim the light that men have to embrace our own, ladies. Wisdom is discerning when to lead and when to follow and knowing that both are equally important.
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